[Picture: Editorial and Cover Design final pages with autumn shadow]
Create a Basic Layout and Modernize the Template, July 2023 (4 weeks); Problem: The existing template is outdated. The products, including additional information and images, cannot be inserted into InDesign due to an exceptional implementation of automated page filling via an external tool in Acrobat.; My Role: Editorial Designer, Copywriter; Responsibilities: Analysis of the current state and branding, creation of drafts, user testing, iteration of drafts, finalization of files for print production;
Analysis: After analyzing the current state, branding, and product catalogs from competitors, I quickly identified opportunities to improve design, user-friendliness, and layout for enhanced sales psychology. [Screenshot of website home page and previous catalog template layout]
Base Layout and Content: At the start of the design process, I gathered all the information and data that the catalog should include and began with sketches on paper. I then set up a new InDesign file and created the base layout to ensure a consistent design. [Picture showing new base layout blanco and exemplary filled] The footer contains essential contact information to be ever present for customers throughout their journey through the catalog. It ensures they have access to this information when needed. In addition to page numbers, the footer also includes the logo and the "Print in Germany" quality label, both in the viewer's field of vision, constantly absorbed subconsciously. Relevant legal information can also be found in the footer. [Picture showing footer] [Picture showing base layout marked with space for headlines, text, and product pictures]
Cover: For the cover, I selected a new title and created three drafts with different cover images. The client opted for a simple, autumnal-Christmas background. [Picture with three cover design suggestions]
Introduction Page: The text on the introduction page was reduced to essential information and optimized using an AI text tool for sales psychology. The cover image was reproduced in the background to create unity. Since contact information and the "Print in Germany" quality seal are listed in the footer throughout the catalog, I removed them from the introduction page to free up space. Detailed company information can still be found on the last two pages. The percentage facts were graphically enhanced with pie charts to break up the text, making the introductory page more emotionally appealing and visually quicker to process and remember. Source attributions were added to the statistical information to earn trust points with the reader. [Picture of introduction page with infographic and new copy created with the help of chatGPT compared with previous intro page]
Order Form: The content of the order form has been optimized as well. Color, font size, and line weight now clearly direct the reader's focus to the parts of the order form that are important to them. Here, again, the cover image was used in the background to create unity. I would have also liked to incorporate isolated elements of the cover image into the product pages to create a unified overall look. However, due to the automated filling method, we had to opt for the blank design of the product pages to ensure easy completion of future catalogs. [Picture of new order form page compared with previous order form page]
Test Prints and User Testing: During the design process, I repeatedly performed test prints to guarantee optimal print results in the final production. Tests with end users helped to optimize usability and user experience, thus promoting sales generation through the final product catalog. [Picture of some test print pages]
Print Preparation: After the client's approval, I prepared the document for printing. I made sure that all colors and images were set up in CMYK and at least 300dpi. All fonts were converted into paths to ensure the best possible print quality. I created separate layers for all disruptors, allowing TOP Werbemittel to show and hide them in the PDF as desired. I also packaged the InDesign file, including all links and fonts used, so the customer can continue working with the file later. In addition, I created an IDML file to offer the customer the possibility to use the file across applications. [Pictures comparing previous and new blank pages]
[Picture: Editorial and Cover Design final pages with autumn shadow]
"Very good, very successful, very good feedback, significant increase in orders." - "Wow, it was so busy, we could hardly keep up with producing the promotional materials. I've worked at this company for 12 years and never before have we had to go into the order acceptance stop so early before Christmas."
"Sehr gut, sehr erfolgreich, sehr gutes Feedback, deutlicher Anstieg der Bestellungen." - "Wow, es war so viel los, dass wir mit der Produktion der Werbematerialien kaum hinterherkamen. Ich arbeite seit 12 Jahren in diesem Unternehmen und noch nie mussten wir so früh vor Weihnachten in den Auftragsannahmestopp gehen."
I hope you enjoyed my work on the B2B promotional products catalog!

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