Hi, I'm Miriam; call me Coco
A experienced versatile designer and certified UX designer by Google with on-site and remote practice.
Welcome to the creative world, where design turns into emotions and functionality with a focus on putting users front and center. I design print, app and web-based products with seamless and accessible user experiences that solve user problems, while also meeting up the market targets of the product.
Brand & Corporate Design
UX Design
Concept Design
Editorial Design
Video Editing

"I feel privileged to have a job I truly love!"
My heart beats for the science of colors and shapes, for how things look, feel, function and affect.
After various excursions into different cultures, living and working environments, which taught me to recognize and appreciate people's individuality and differences, my focus is now again entirely on design, which benefits greatly from my life experiences.
As a realistic idealist, my brain works in creative, conceptual, strategic and innovative ways. I love to analyze, ideate, learn, optimize, and simplify complex topics. Working with creative software is not only my job, but also a daily practiced hobby.

Languages: German, native; English, fluent
While design has always been about creating for users, I currently further deepened and specialized my existing knowledge into the field of User Experience Design with Google's UX Design certification to fully dedicate my work to the pursuit of providing the best possible experience to all users.

UX design makes people happy!
Happy users like to interact with the product.
Happy users are more likely to come back.
Happy users are more likely to make a purchase.
Happy users tell their friends.

"I am proud to be able to do something meaningful that serves people and businesses alike."
Design: Figma: 1,5 of 5; Adobe XD: 1,5 of 5; InDesign: 5 of 5; Photoshop: 5 of 5; Illustrator: 5 of 5; Premiere Pro: 4 of 5; Wix: 4 of 5; Power BI: 0,75 of 5; Tableau: 0,75 of 5 – Coding: HTML: 2 of 5, CSS: 2 of 5, SEO: 1 of 5; SQL: 1 of 5; Python: 1 of 5; R: 1 of 5
Creativity paired with logic
Design know-how meets business expertise and marketing experience
My professional experience is complemented in particular by education and many years of work in office management at the executive level as well as marketing experience through advertising and sales work. In addition, I was able to sharpen my sense for customers and customer service during my studies and travels through gastronomic work activities.

The unique combination of all my professional and private skills enables me to have a fully comprehensive overview of projects, even beyond design topics, and gives me the ability to communicate with co-workers from various departments particularly effectively.​​​​​​​
UX Design
@ coursera.com by Google
Illustration and Design
@ AID Academy for Illustration And Design, Berlin
Media Design (print & web)
Media Design University of Applied Sciences (MD.H), Munich
Management Assistant for Office Communication
@ Deutsche Vermögensberatung (DVAG, Joachim Schmitt) [dual vocational]
High School Diploma
Priv. Business School O. Pelzl, Schweinfurt

Teamwork makes the dream work
While I am flexible in terms of "where," I thrive best in an open, honest and diverse team where ideas can be communicated openly and mistakes are stepping stones to success.
"Creativity is intelligence having fun."
Albert Einstein
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