Dear Vansburg team,
The focus of your company has aroused my extraordinary interest. Back in my student days, when we designed a magazine together on the subject of night, I clearly decided on the subject of sleep. In particular, what happens in the brain during sleep. Since then, the benefits of sleep have been obvious to me.
After watching your company introduction video I am more than convinced of your concept and values. Continuous development is very important to me and achieving autonomous goals flatters my creative streak. And of course, that naps are desired to develop one's best possible potential is clearly in the spirit of science. 
My values harmonize very well with those of Vansburg. I am sure that I can convince you with my creativity, structured way of working and determination and thus actively support you in the further development of Vansburg. I have experience with Facebook/Instagram campaigns, as I occasionally run them for my art project. Decisions have to be based on data. To be able to deal with this in the best possible way, I am also taking a Data Analyst course in my spare time.
Ready to hop into a video call?
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