Design Portfolio
by Miriam Elting
Corporate + Brand + UX/UI Design
Unternehmens-, Marken- und UX/UI-Design
Known From
Bekannt aus
Recent Work Feedback
Kürzliches Feedback zu meiner Arbeit
"I now get page views from a much larger area. Business is going well." – "Someone drove 1.5 hours to see me because he liked the website so much and thought it felt professional. He said he would come again." – "I now also have a political client."
„Very good, very successful, very good feedback, significant increase in orders." – "We could hardly keep up with production. I've worked at this company for 12 years and never before have we had to go into the order acceptance stop so early before Christmas."
"You are such a great designer who has mastered the language of images, colors and words. I am very happy to have had the privilege of getting to know you wonderful person – keep up the good work, the world needs people exactly like you."
"One of our most popular and most attended webinars EVER!"